Setup Dashboard

Setting up the dashboard

Learn everything about how the dashboard is used to control the screen.

Tutorial Covers:

  • Getting to the dashboard
  • Installing an app
  • Upload an image
  • Key dashboard features

Activate device

Get device id

  • When the device has WiFi and it is connected to the TV, a screen will display the device id number.

  • Troubleshooting tip: If the screen is white, plug the mouse back in. Move the cursor to the upper right corner. Click the three dots. Then click 'open in browser'. Try and do a web search on Google to confirm the device is connected to the internet. If the Google search is not successful, confirm that the device is able to connect to the internet.

Open Chrome browser

  • Open Chrome browser on a separate computer (not on the TV). If you don't have Chrome, you can download it here.

Activate Device

  • Go to
  • Enter your device id, your email, and choose a password.
  • An email will be sent immediately to your inbox asking you to confirm your email address. (The confirmation email is sent immediatley. So if you don't see it check your spam folder and whitelist the domain.)

Screen Overview

All screen view

  • This is an overview of all your screens.
  • Click on the the text that says "your screen".

Installing An App

Get to App Store

  • Click the App Store button in the dashboard.

App Store

  • The app store has apps and slide templates that can be installed on the screen.

Slide Show

  • Find the slide show app in the App Store. The Apps are listed alphabetically. Put your mouse over the slide show image and click the download button.


  • The app is now installed on your device. In the preview window you'll see the app now asking you to upload slides.

Uploading Slides

Find an image

  • If you'd like to upload PowerPoint slides, here is a video tutorial.
  • The resolution of the screen is 1920px x 1080px. For best results, upload an image that is 1920px x 1080px.
  • Click the "Select Image" button.
  • A diologue will pop up. Find the image on your computer to upload.


  • Press the "Create" button and the image will be uploaded.


  • The slide is now be uploaded.
  • Upload as many slides as you'd like.

Remove a slide

  • Press the 'x' button to remove a slide.